1. Our Commitment to You

    We live in an information based economy. Your bank, your health plan, your employer, your TV cable company, your supermarket, and even your coffee shop collect and store information about you on the Internet. Is all that information about you on the Internet safe? If you did a poll, you would find most Americans believe that any information on the Internet about you is available to anyone willing to search for it.

    Keeping your information safe shouldn't even be a question. MeYou Health believes that any information you give us should stay safe and away from prying eyes. As you read this Privacy Policy, you will quickly see that it is our commitment to you. Our policies tell you what you can expect from us. These policies describe how we collect, use, and protect your information.

    A Quick Word about Health Care Privacy: To start, there are lots of health care privacy laws and rules. If we put all of the federal and state privacy laws and rules together in a pile, they would reach from the floor to the ceiling. In the real world, hospitals, doctors, nurses and patients label all health care privacy rules under the general heading of HIPAA. HIPAA is shorthand for a 1996 federal law called the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act."

    For the sake of simplicity, when we say that your information is "protected by HIPAA," we mean that your information can not be disclosed to anyone else without your permission. When we say that your information is "not protected by HIPAA," we mean that it can be disclosed to others.


    Why do we collect information about you? The answer is very simple. MeYou Health uses your information in order to offer you valuable tools to improve your health.

    If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use, or about MeYou Health, or if you just want to tell us what you think about our website, please write us at MeYou Health 92201, 177 Huntington Ave #1700, Boston, MA 02115, or simply email us at support@meyouhealth.com. We promise that we will answer you.

  2. What Information Do We Collect?

    1. Information You Post on Our Website

      MeYou Health collects personal health information that you choose to give us through our website. This point is worth repeating. It is always your choice. You choose what information to give us. This includes information you give us by answering questionnaires, responding to surveys, and posting health information on your public profile through the MeYou Health applications and services.

      Public Forums: MeYou Health also offers public forums. We collect information posted on our public forums. This may include health management goals, articles, recipes, health information about yourself, and other personal information you choose to share with others on these public forums.

      A Consideration: Public forums are a great way to share information with others and to get new ideas and support for your goals. We encourage you to use our forums – they are a valuable tool.

      However, any information you choose to share on the public forums is available to everyone – from friends, to relatives, to future employers, to your mail carrier. Before you post anything to a public forum, ask yourself, "Do I want my grandmother or my worst enemy to see this?" If the answer is "no," don't post it to the public forums.

      If you don't want everyone to see your post, some of our products allow you to choose who can see your post by adjusting your privacy settings. But remember: even when you only let a few friends see your posts, your friends can share your posts with other friends.

      Before you post anything on our public forums or on any social network site, ask yourself:

      • Do I want everyone to see my post or only certain people?
      • Would I want my post to appear on the front page of my local newspaper?

      Again, if the answer is "no," don't post it.

      MeYou Health wants you to safely manage how your information is shared with others on our website. We strongly urge you to review your privacy settings.

    2. Information You Allow Your Health Plan or Health Provider to Send Us

      MeYou Health may ask you for your permission to receive information about you from your health plan or health care provider. In general, this would include your subscriber number, your patient number, your contact information, and information about your eligibility for benefits. In these instances, we would ask you to sign a HIPAA authorization form – very similar to the HIPAA authorization forms you sign when you go to the doctor or a hospital. This authorization form would allow your health plan or health care provider to give us information about you.

      Once your health plan or health care provider gives us this information, it is no longer protected by HIPAA. However, there are other laws that protect the privacy of your personal information, and MeYou Health complies with these laws.


      Why do we want this information? Again, MeYou Health uses your information to offer you valuable tools – to improve your health, to help you get the kind of benefits from your health plan that you really need, and to help you become a knowledgeable consumer of the health care system.

    3. Cookies and Other Information

      Sometimes, MeYou Health uses cookies. What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file that a website sends to your computer. Why do we use cookies? Cookies help us quickly identify you whenever you go to our website. Cookies also help your computer view and use websites. If you "block" our cookies, the MeYou Health website may not work properly for you.

      We also collect IP addresses and information about the type of computer and browser you are using. What is an IP address? Every device connected to the Internet (like your computer or smart phone) has a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Why do we collect your IP address? This information helps us recognize your computer when you visit our website. More importantly, whenever you click on a button on the MeYou Health website, your IP address tells the Internet to send our response to your computer and not to your neighbor's.

      Why do we collect information about your computer? Knowing what kind of computer you have (e.g., a Mac versus a PC) and what kind of software you are using (e.g., Safari versus Internet Explorer) lets us know the best ways to communicate with your computer.

  3. How We Use Personal Information
    1. Personal Health Applications

      We use your information to tell you about Personal Health Applications such as the Daily Challenge. For example, we may offer some users information about how to quit smoking, what works and what doesn't work. We may offer other users information about healthy diets and weight loss. In many instances, we will let you know if your health care plan or health care provider offers special programs to help you achieve your important health care goals.

    2. Improving Our Services

      We also may put your information together with information about other users of MeYou Health. Why do we combine (aggregate) user information? Aggregating user information helps us understand what our users like and don't like about our website. When we merge your information with the information about others on our website, we remove any way of identifying you - that is, we de-identify the information.

      On occasion, we use sub-contractors. Why do we use sub-contractors? In some instances, sub-contractors help us operate more efficiently than we could operate alone. Our sub-contractors are bound by this Privacy Policy. In addition, we will only give our sub-contractors the information they need to perform a particular task. We don't give sub-contractors blanket access to your information.

    3. Disclosures Required by Law

      Although it happens more on TV than in real life, in the very unlikely event that a court order requires us to disclose information about you, we will comply with that court order. However, unless prohibited by the court, MeYou Health will try to send you advance notice before turning over any information about you.

      In a similarly unlikely scenario, MeYou Health can disclose information about you to the proper authorities if we reasonably believe there is an imminent physical threat to you or others, to defend or assert legal rights, or in response to an immediate public health risk.

  4. Security of Our Website

    MeYou Health is committed to keeping your information safe – away from prying eyes. MeYou Health uses administrative, physical, and technical security technologies and internal controls to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure (i.e., breach).

    As an additional security protection, we do not give our personnel free access to your information protected by HIPAA. Our personnel can only access your information protected by HIPAA when resolving technical issues and other system, administrative, or security issues.

    In the very unlikely event of a breach, your health plan, your healthcare provider, or MeYou Health will notify you. Federal and state law describes the process for addressing an unauthorized disclosure of information. MeYou Health is committed to this process.

  5. Our Commitment to Children's Privacy

    Protecting the privacy of children is very important to us. The Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) limits the collection of personal information about children and defines a "Child" as anyone under the age of 13. We strictly adhere to COPPA.

    For that reason, if we know an individual is under the age of 13 we will not collect or store that individual's information. No part of our website is designed to attract anyone under 13. We don't use language or symbols like cute cartoon characters to attract children to our website. We also do not ask or allow any person under the age of 18 to "authorize" their health plan to send us Protected Health Information.

  6. How to Close Your Account

    Hopefully you won't close your MeYou Health account, but if you do, we will delete your user name and personal information from our systems. It is not possible for us to delete all of the information that we have collected from you (for example, your posts to our public forums). However, we will label any information that remains in our systems about you as "anonymous" and remove any way of identifying you.

    If you are no longer eligible to participate in MeYou Health through your health plan (for example, due to loss of employment), we will offer you the opportunity to maintain your account on an individual basis or to close your account.

    If you wish to close your account, please send us a request at support@meyouhealth.com.

  7. Termination of Your Account

    MeYou Health has the right to decide to close your account. If we decide to close your account, we will delete your information following the policies spelled out in section 6 of this Privacy Policy.

  8. Contact Information

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about our services, please contact MeYou Health Customer Support at support@meyouhealth.com or at the address below:

    MeYou Health 92201, 177 Huntington Ave #1700, Boston, MA 02115

  9. Updates and the Effective Date of this Privacy Policy

    From time to time, MeYou Health may change this Privacy Policy. Most of time, we expect the changes to be very minor. We will notify you 30 days prior to any material change unless immediate changes are necessary to protect your information. If we make material changes to how we use information you have already given us, we will seek your consent before applying the changes to you. The Privacy Policy on our website at the time of use is the Privacy Policy that will govern our relationship.

    The effective date of this Privacy Policy is March 18, 2015.

  10. Scope of this Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected through our website and information you authorize others, such as your health plan, to send to us. It does not apply to information collected offline. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy also does not apply to:

    • Health plans or healthcare providers holding health information about you,
    • Outside websites or other sources of information from which you send personal information to MeYou Health,
    • Websites or other entities to which you send your personal information, and
    • Websites/hyperlinks that other users post on the public forums of the MeYou Health website.

    Before you choose to send your personal information to a website outside of MeYou Health, you should carefully review their privacy policies and terms of use. This Privacy Policy does not apply to your health information once you share it with any third party or submit it to any non-MeYou Health website, person, or entity.

  11. Definitions

    The terms below have the following meanings when used in this Privacy Policy.

    "Health information" means health or medical information about you, which may include medical records, prescription drug records, claims data, or other health or medical information from your health plan or health care provide, as well as symptom diaries or other health-related information you create.

    "MeYou Health," "we," "us," or "our" refers to MYH, Inc.

    "MeYou Health website" or "website" means www.meyouhealth.com and any website or software platform on which MeYou Health offers a product or service, such as Daily Challenge.

    "Personal Health Application" means a website or software that provides information about diagnoses, care management, treatment, or general or specific information about disease, injury, or conditions.

    "Protected Health Information" means individually identifiable health information from a covered entity that is transmitted by electronic media, maintained in electronic media, or transmitted or maintained in any other form or medium, with certain exceptions. The term "Protected Health Information" has the same meaning as the term is defined in Title 45, part 160.103 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

    "Required by law" means required directly by applicable law or required by subpoena, court order, or other legal process.

    "You" means an individual who creates a MeYou Health account or otherwise accesses our website.

For some MeYou Health services, a different Privacy Policy or Terms of Use may apply. However, we will ask for your consent to these documents before giving you access to these services. In addition, if these services are sponsored by your health plan or health care provider, we may ask for your authorization for these entities to send us health information about you.